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“Helen is a perceptive listener who takes a systematic but creative approach toward achieving life goals. She helped me understand aspects of myself that were difficult to see, while showing me the limitations I placed on myself. She was able to achieve this in a non-threatening and supportive manner. 

- Vera S., Client

“We  had just had our second child, and I started thinking about how I wanted to live my life as a husband, a father, and a lawyer.  I went to see Helen thinking I needed a new job.  However, now I still have the same job, but I have taken a more active and fulfilling role in my personal life.  I feel closer to my family and have sought out new challenges at work.  Helen’s guidance was invaluable, and her sense of humor was a delight. “

Phil P., Esq. Client.

“Helen helped me see my obstacles and find ways to work through them.  I felt really empowered and in charge of the outcome “

Renee S., Client.



Coaching and Counseling


An eternal knot is made from a single thread that, if followed, will  lead to one’s inner Self. The knot binds, but also holds the promise of release.


Supporting my clients with the tools they need to find fulfillment in life – secure and confident in the choices they make.




Are you tied up in knots?


Feeling that life is meaningless and without purpose ?


Wondering why you are feeling depressed and anxious ?


Frustrated with an uninspiring work life ?


Plagued by chronic pain or an illness that never lets up?


Held hostage by habitual behaviors that no longer serve you ?


Having problems staying focused and completing tasks?


Through a trusting relationship in partnership with your personal coach you can begin to uncover the potential for change that lies within you. Embark on a journey of self discovery that can unfold into a more satisfying life experience.


  Kummer und Sorge

Offering guidance in the following areas:


 Discovering your life’s purpose


 Finding fulfillment in work


 Living fully with chronic illness


Overcoming unwanted addictions


Mastering challenges with adult ADD


Offering a creative inquiry that allows for new options to emerge where choices expand to replace frustration and stagnation. Together we can discover how empowerment, acceptance, and imagination can transform entrenched habits and ideas that inhibit full participation in life.  



You choose the results you want.

Take the first steps to empowerment.



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