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Transforming Technical Talent Into Dynamic Leaders


Today's very competitive technology marketplace demands highly evolved people skills to effectively manage and inspire the cross-functional teams that are so essential for bringing an innovative idea or product to fruition.





Corporate Coaching & Mentoring

Individualized Coaching Programs for Sustained Results


We specialize in successfully transforming technical talent into dynamic leaders and managers by building on existing strengths and developing new areas of expertise through customized coaching programs, which include:


An extensive intake interview for assessment and evaluation


Information gathering from peers, supervisors and team members


Validated assessments for client and team members if appropriate


Customized coaching program with self-observation exercises and practices


Regular coaching sessions to assess progress and modify initial program


A self-correcting process that allows for ongoing development and improvement


Newly acquired leadership skills contribute towards job satisfaction, improved confidence and a high rate of retention of technically proficient managers   Biotechnology Program at Foothill


In-House Mentoring for Retention of Intellectual Property 


In addition to coaching individuals, we also offer an innovative In-house Mentoring Program to enhance business results through organizational integration, increased cross-functional communication and development of future leaders. The program is facilitated by Helen Selenati, together with Human Resources and senior management, and includes:


Select suitable mentor volunteers from upper management


Identify promising candidates who are ready for mentoring


Match cross-functional mentors with identified candidates


Define expectations and conduct training for mentors and mentees


Guide mentor pairs in establishing rapport and developing their relationship


Assist in evaluation of progress and in the process of ending the relationship


Facilitated mentoring programs assist with accelerated leadership development, increased productivity, succession planning, and synergies among functions.   Michael Feldhaus (left) and Rob
                                Siegel (right


Most technology-based companies have placed a lot of emphasis on technical knowledge and not enough on cultivating extraordinary managers and inspiring leaders, especially in the product development arena.

People skills: The hidden key to return on Investment

  “…In many intensely knowledge-based industries…technical talent gets placed in positions of leadership without a strategic view of how to develop either their own leadership skills or those of people they are managing…the basic skills that are necessary to organizational success—such as team-building, teamwork, supervisory and managerial skills, and communication techniques—are not always the strong suit of the technical genius at the heart of the technology based firm.”

Source: The Biotech Times

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“I found Helen to be intuitive, intelligent and supportive. She is a person who understands that change is challenging and takes time, guidance and support. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

- Ellen Weiser, Marketing executive

“My technical background did not prepare me for the challenges I faced as a first time manager. Having Helen as my coach helped me put my anxieties at rest and develop my leadership and communication slills. With her guidance, I became a confident manager and built an effective team in a short period of time.”

- Adam Silver, Business Unit VP


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